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POLK, Fla.- The body of a 9-year-old boy has been located after he disappeared over the weekend during a boat trip in Florida with members of his family, as reported by the authorities on Tuesday.

It’s incidents checked in Saturday in Polk Countyin central Florida, which is two hours northwest of Port St. Lucie, where the boy is from, according to a statement from the Polk County Sheriff’s Office.

According to the statement, the boy and his siblings were in their father’s pontoon boat on Lake Annie when the boy fell over the front and was hit by the propeller of the boat

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Immediately the father he jumped into the water to look for his son, while one of the brothers called the emergency number 911 for help. The boy was not wearing a life jacket when he fell into the water, according to the statement, however he was not required to wear one by law.

Authorities join the search

Authorities and fire personnel went to Lake Annie around 2:39 p.m. on Saturday, to search for the victim using boats. The search also involved the marine unit of the sheriff’s office, the aviation unit and the drone units; as well as officials from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office.

It is a tragedy and an unimaginable nightmare for the boy’s family,” Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said as the search continued.

We are using extensive resources to find him. We’re working on a big lake with depths down to about 16 feet, with low visibility, but we’ve been there 24 hours a day, and we’ll stay there until we find it,” he said, quoted by CBS.

Via Twitter, the Polk County Sheriff’s Office announced Tuesday that the search had ended after the recovery of the body of the little one He also added that the family has already been notified.

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