Mission ‘impeachment’: prevent Trump from returning to the White House in 2024

Donald Trump will leave the Oval Office on January 20 with the dubious honor of having been the only president in US history to be impeached twice. Unlike the first impeachment in February, the process initiated after the assault on Capitol by supporters of the Republican no longer has the objective of his impeachment, but rather sets its sights on the 2024 elections.

The goal of the Democrats, now, is not for him to leave the presidency, something he will do anyway, but to is disqualified from holding public office again or to stand for the next elections, which will be held less than four years from now. The article of objection that the Democrats of the House of Representatives that is voting this Wednesday makes it clear when declaring that “the process guarantees the impeachment and the trial, the dismissal from office and the disqualification to occupy and enjoy any position of honor , trust or benefit under the United States. “

The U.S. Constitution explicitly reflects that the Senate could prevent Trump, if convicted, from returning to public life. It would be a dramatic reprimand for the man who has dominated American politics for more than five years, reformed the Republican Party, and openly pondered the possibility of running for president again in 2024.

But for this, the numbers have to come out to the Democratic party. The Upper House of Congress will be left to the party of President-elect Joe Biden, but they would still need the support of 17 Republican senators to get the two-thirds of the Senate necessary to remove the president and lock him up in prison, a prerequisite for his removal in the future.

In the previous impeachment, only Republican Sen. Mitt Romney supported the impeachment of Trump. However, now three other senators have publicly shown a position in favor of impeachment. The first was Senator for Alaska Lisa Murkowski who even asked that Trump leave the Republican Party or, if not, she would.

The senator from Pennsylvania, Pat Toomey, assured in an interview that Trump has committed acts that could be subject to ‘impeachment’, an opinion that has also been supported by the senator for Nebraska, Ben Sasse, although neither of the two has assured that if he is present he would vote in favor.

For their part, other moderates of the Republican Party have sent a letter to Biden to convince Pelosi to withdraw the ‘impeachment’ for prevent tension with Trump supporters from escalating further. Last Friday, the leader of the Republican minority in the Lower House, Kevin McCarthy, assured that he would also call Biden to try to convince him of this aspect.

Although Biden was in a meeting with Pelosi and with the Democratic leader in the Senate, Chuck Schumer, the transition team of the president-elect did not comment on whether they discussed the impeachment process of Trump and, in public, Biden has only said that it is an issue. that concerns Congress and not him.


The president-elect has declared that “Trump should no longer hold office, although he stated that your legislative agenda is a priority“Recall Monex Europe analysts. Biden plans to propose a multimillion-dollar stimulus package as part of his economic recovery program, with majority support from Senate Democrats after decisive parliamentary elections in the State of Georgia last week. past and the ‘impeachment’ could derail your calendar.

“These promises keep the stock markets trading positive as long-term Treasury yields skyrocket and the dollar benefits as well,” these experts continue. “However, stimulus plans could be temporarily delayed for the ‘impeachment’ debates in the Senate. “

Analysts insist that this derivative of the impeachment, added to the danger of new violent protests by those in favor of Trump, have the potential to affect the markets in the coming days. For now Trump has approved the declaration of a state of emergency for Washington, DC, ahead of Biden’s inauguration.


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