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Padres Yu Darvish, who won his first victory of the season against Pirates (April 12, 2021) (C) Getty Images

San Diego PadresofYu DarvishThe pitcher was held at the enemy land PNC Park on the 12th (13th Japan time)Pittsburgh PiratesStarting in the war. He threw 95 balls in the 7th inning, showed 3 hits, 1 run, 1 walk, 6 strikeouts and a masterpiece of pitching, and won his first victory of the season.Chicago CubsIt was also the first victory in the new world after the transfer from. In the match, Padres, who scored constantly, won 6-2, winning the fourth straight victory.

[Video]74 miles of changing balls and 96 miles of four seams from the same form … Darvish’s pitching highlights tossing the batter

■ Quality start for 2 consecutive games with 1 goal in 7 times

Arizona DiamondbacksIt was the second pitching in the opening game withSan Francisco GiantsDarvish did not get a white star while showing good throws in both battles. On this day, which was celebrated on the 5th of the middle, I got my first honest victory for the third time.

The starting lineup is Cahill, a 33-year-old veteran. His right arm has won 85 majors in total, but in the Reds game on the 6th, which was his first pitch this season, he was confused with 7 goals in 4 innings and was suffering from a black star. The Padres attacked Cahill, who wasn’t as good as he had on the previous pitch, and the first two deaths, the first two deaths, and the second to fifth Myers shot in a timely manner, scoring the first goal.

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Darvish also responded to the support of the batting line, and suppressed the opponent’s attack in the bottom of the first inning with three grounders in the infield and only 10 balls. In the second inning, he allowed a double from two deaths, but he struck out No. 7 Fowler with a four-seam strikeout and did not allow a goal. It seemed to be a good early stage, but the trials came in the third inning. When a hit and a wild pitch led to a pinch of 2nd base, the cut ball was caught by 2nd Evans and he was hit by a timely double.

After three innings, the match returned to the start, but in conclusion, Darvish’s pinch is here. “Today, the first three innings weren’t very good, but the feeling of the four seams I threw at Reynolds was good and I was able to ride from there,” he wrote on his blog after the match. After the 4th inning, he pitched with a sense of stability and went out easily. He closed the game four or five times in a row with walks, walked six times, but beat the trailer, and closed seven times with walks. Darvish, who was dismissed from his role after being sent a pinch hitter in eight at-bats, has now achieved a quality start for two consecutive games.

■ Shining ball control, 63 strikes out of 95

Anyway, the ball control power shined on this day. Of the 95 balls, 63 strikes. The six strikeout deciding balls that I stole were 3 curves, 2 four seams, 1 slider, and I was able to compete with any ball. Furthermore, the fastest mark is 155 km. The great thing about Darvish is that you can freely manipulate and hold down other balls while being hit by a cut ball that is said to be the “highest level of majors”.

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In response to the fact that many middlemen pitched in the game the day before, he imposed the theme of the day on himself as “throwing a long inning”, but the pitching of the word execution saved the team’s kitchen. Darvish. It was exactly the work of Ace, and he took a big step toward winning the Cy Young Award, which was unfortunately finished in second place last year.

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