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Vasco Rossi – Moon for you

“A vision told me to lead the integration forces”

January 28, 1957
Montgomery, Alabama.

After another week of violence in Montgomery, including a failed bomb attack on King’s home with twelve sticks of dynamite, King tells his congregation of Dexter on January 27 that in their town, “Living is dangerous – it’s no longer safe. . ” For the first time he spoke of his experience of him the year before, of a “divine” presence when God gave him the courage he needed to face the increase in violence. An article in a Montgomery newspaper the next day reported these quotes from the sermon King had given.

After describing the sight of his packed church a few hours after the failed bombing of his porch when his family was not at home, King prayed:

“I realized that there were times when I wanted to give up (leading the movement for integration); I was scared but you gave me inspiration while I was in my kitchen and I am grateful for it “

The 28-year-old minister Battista in his sermon said that after Montgomery the Negroes had started a boycott of the use of buses that lasted 381 days on December 5, 1955: “I went to bed many times with the fear of dying” because of the treatments against him. and his family.

“Early on a sleepless morning, in January 1956, King said:” Rationality, abandon me “and then” like nowhere else I heard a voice saying to me: Pray for the Gospel, stand up straight for the truth, stand up for righteousness. “

King continued: “From that day on I can stand straight without fear. So this morning I’m not afraid of anyone. Tell the people of Montgomery they can shoot and I will stand still; tell the people of Montgomery they can bomb and I will face them. If I have to die tomorrow morning I would like to die happy, because I have been to the top of the mountain and I have seen the promised land and it is taking place here in Montgomery. Old Montgomery is passing away and segregation is dying. “

PD. From a Montgomery newspaper, January 28, 1957.

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