Money and love: The killer revealed the reasons for the terrible massacre of the daughter of the Deputy Minister

Friends of the suspect in the murder of the 17-year-old daughter of the Deputy Minister of Construction of the Moscow Region called him rude and harsh. The young man envied the deceased and mentioned this himself more than once, writes

“Kirill was actually terribly jealous of Eve. You see, he had an incomplete family. Ordinary parents. And he was jealous of Eve. He said: “Well, of course, she’s cool! She will have everything in her life. “I envied that she would enter a prestigious university, graduate from it, and work in a good place,” shared one of the guy’s friends.

According to the publication, the knife with which the teenager killed his girlfriend was bought by him the day before the tragedy. So, it is likely that the young man planned an attack on the girl in advance. According to the publication, the suspect in the massacre has already confessed. His testimony also refutes reports that the breakup was the reason for the murder. It turned out that he liked the girlfriend of the deputy minister’s daughter, but because she rejected him, he allowed himself unflattering remarks about the object of sighing. The victim often quarreled with the guy, protecting the girlfriend.

“We started talking again about that other girl, Lena’s friend. Because of this, we quarreled,” told the arrested. The victim began to accuse him of spreading rumors, he could not restrain himself and pulled out a knife.

Recall that the murder took place on the night of June 3. The body of the 17-year-old daughter of the Deputy Minister of Construction of the Moscow Region with stab wounds was found in a forest belt. The police detained a suspect in the murder – a former lover of Eva.

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