Money, categoricalness and misunderstanding. What are the signs of the zodiac and why they will conflict with relatives in 2021

2020 turned out to be a difficult year in all spheres of life, including in communication with loved ones and relatives. We tell you what signs should be given special attention to building relationships with family in 2021.

One of the main reasons why couples decayed, families quarreled and clashed in 2020, forced self-isolation and strict quarantine became, for which no one was ready. Many turned out to be unprepared for the fact that they would have to spend such a long period of time with household members without leaving their homes.

This led to the fact that many people began to be irritated by those with whom they live under the same roof. For example, psychologist Svetlana Royz told why parents sometimes get angry with their own children and why this is normal.

On the eve of the lockdown from January 8 to January 24, we will tell you which zodiac signs should work on self-control and be ready for possible conflicts with the family.


Despite the fact that Aries itself is a very stubborn sign that loves to enter into various disputes, representatives of this sign will not conflict with loved ones because of this. The main reason for worry and discussion will be finance… The stars advise Aries to be thrifty. To avoid misunderstanding and quarrels, it is better to discuss significant expenses together – this will increase trust, understanding between family members and help to manage money more rationally.

In 2021, family and love will take the first place in the life of representatives of this sign. Aries tip: when entering into an argument with someone, put yourself in their place so as not to go too far and feel «edge “.

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For the next few months, representatives of this sign will compare relationships with family members with walking through a minefield – a step in the wrong direction will be fraught with an explosion. This will be a significant challenge and endurance training for you. During such a period, you need to learn to accept different points of view and not immerse all the blame for what is happening on yourself. Sometimes you are wrong, sometimes your parents, children, partner. The hardest part is when quarrels begin to arise between all family members. Reconciling household members is a difficult but achievable task.

Despite this, the famous astrologer said that in terms of love, Libra will be the happiest sign in 2021.


In 2021, Scorpios will face the fact that the family will not support you as much as they would like. On the contrary, sometimes their expressions will seem too critical. The stars advise Scorpios to try to throw off the resentment and look at the situation from the outside – probably your decisions and ideas are really incorrect in some way.

It is a good idea to ask your friends for help. Probably, they will give their impartial opinion and allow you to see the full picture of what is happening. Try to learn to hear and have reasoned conversations – this skill will come in handy in many situations.


Holding your own views is not a bad trait, but sometimes you shouldn’t be so categorical. From time to time, you should listen to the opinions of others, otherwise they will start to be skeptical of yours. The general mood in the house and family will depend on the behavior of Pisces: they can create both a friendly and harmonious atmosphere, as well as a tense and conflictual one.

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In the first half of the year, representatives of this sign will concentrate on the family and devote all their time to it. This is fraught with the fact that in the remaining months they will get tired of the number of obligations and responsibilities. It’s worth trying to keep balance.

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