Montgomery Authorities Arrest Thieves Who Robbed Home Depot – News Now

(NOTICIAS YA) .- Montgomery County Police Department detectives detained two individuals who stole more than $ 10,000 dollars copper wire and tools from the various branches of Home Depot, and then seek to pawn the stolen merchandise.

Identified as Marvin Randall Carnes, 50 years old and Dorian Terrance Coley, 35, face multiple counts of crimes related to theft of merchandise.

These robberies occurred multiple times within a span of three months. The first robbery occurred on February 28 when two suspects entered the Home Depot store located at 2300 Broadbirch Drive in Silver Spring and robbed approximately $2,395 dollars in tools.

Then on March 30, Carnes and Coley broke into the branch located at 14000 Georgia Avenue in Aspen Hill, where they robbed approximately $2,900 dollars worth of copper wire and tools. The suspects were seen operating a dark blue Honda Odyssey.

On April 7, they broke into the branch located at 21010 Frederick Road in Germantown and robbed approximately $5,400 dollars worth of merchandise.

Investigators determined that Carnes was pawning the stolen tools and selling the stolen copper wiring to area scrap dealers.

On April 12, the suspects were arrested by Second District officers while attempting to sell the merchandise to a merchant in Silver.

At the time of his arrest, Carnes had active arrest warrants from Montgomery County and other surrounding jurisdictions for crimes related to credit card fraud. Coley had an active warrant for an unrelated robbery crime.


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