Montgomery Co. police commission to hold hearing on traffic enforcement

Montgomery Co. police commission to hold hearing on traffic enforcement

Montgomery County’s Policing Advisory Commission wants to hear what members of the community have to say about traffic enforcement in the Maryland county.

On Monday night, the commission will hold a virtual hearing and wants feedback on what changes or improvements residents want to see when it comes to how traffic laws are enforced.

Those who want to testify during the public hearing should register by 4 p.m. Monday, according to the Commission’s notice on the hearing.

Residents can testify live, or submit written, or audio or video testimony. Each person will be given three minutes and one speaker per organization is allowed.

Among the questions the commission’s asking, according to the meeting notice:

  • There is some evidence that when the police traffic enforcement is focused only on serious traffic offenses, safety is improved more than with a program of many low-level stops — and it reduces racial disparities in traffic stops. In your personal experience, were you pulled over for minor violations? Did minor violations lead to longer questions, additional citations, even searches or arrest?
  • What can the Montgomery County Police Department (MCPD) do to help the public view traffic enforcement in a more positive, more effective light?
  • MCPD traffic officers based in the six police districts provide enforcement based on resident requests. What has your experience been trying to get specific enforcement, or being pulled over for specific enforcement initiatives?

The commission is made up of 13 voting members and 2 non-voting “ex-officio” members. Those “ex-officio” members include the police chief or his designee and the president of an employee organization.

The commission was created in 2019 by the Montgomery County Council in response to concerns about law enforcement practices. The Commission’s focus is limited to enforcement by the Montgomery County Police Department. The operations of law enforcement agencies in municipalities such as Gaithersburg or Rockville or the Maryland State Police are not under the purview of the commission.

More information about how to sign up to speak are posted online.


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