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After delays in shipping COVID-19 vaccine doses to Montgomery County, Md., Due to winter weather issues, vaccination appointments were set to be postponed until a new supply arrives Monday afternoon.

After delays in shipping COVID-19 vaccine doses to Montgomery County, Md., Due to winter weather issues, vaccination appointments were set to be postponed until a new supply arrives Monday afternoon.

The Maryland Department of Health has assigned the county 10,000 doses for last week – 4,500 first doses and 5,500 second doses – and 4,500 first doses for this week from the delayed shipment, a ministry spokesperson said. Health and Human Services at WTOP.

County officials had said in an online briefing Monday morning that COVID-19 vaccination appointments scheduled for last week could be postponed from Wednesday if delayed vaccine shipments were not delivered quickly .

The county saw a drop of about 5,000 vaccinations for the first dose of residents last week after winter weather conditions delayed vaccine shipments. Winter weather has delayed vaccine shipments to the DC area.

Dr Raymond Crowel, Montgomery County director of health and social services, said people should drive safely to their Monday or Tuesday appointments and that if they are late, police officers vaccination would wait.

If you’re not sure you can make it to your appointment safely, he said, call 240-777-1755 to reschedule.

“Chaotic” system

County officials reiterated their call for Maryland to create a statewide immunization website, as well as a regional immunization website, which they said would help residents get immunized faster. .

About 127,000 residents of Montgomery received their first COVID-19 vaccine and about 50,000 people are fully vaccinated, according to Crowel.

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County Council Chairman Tom Hucker said residents were “very frustrated and angry” with the “chaotic” system, adding: “We could vaccinate 10 times as many residents” if the Maryland Department of Health did not “siphon” doses for individuals. mass immunization providers and sites.

Crowel said a regional vaccination site would allow officials to target doses to particular communities that cannot make it to state sites – there is currently one at Six Flags in Prince George County. and two in Baltimore.

The county is currently working with partners, such as Connect-A-Ride, for taxi services to help residents without access to transport get to mass vaccination sites.

County Council Vice Chairman Gabe Albornoz said, “It doesn’t make sense to walk around” that Maryland’s largest county doesn’t have a mass vaccination site.

Crowel said the county is allocating doses to communities that have been hit the hardest, which he says are predominantly black and brown communities. The county assigns doses based on postal codes and census tracking; he said it was “not based on population, but on impact. “

Albornoz warned residents to beware of fraudulent vaccination websites. He said any program asking for social security payments or information is a red flag. Residents can contact 311 with any questions or concerns.

Crowel encouraged residents to continue getting tested, as the number of tests has increased from 50,000 per week to around 35,000 to 40,000 per week after the holiday season.

Crowel and Albornoz said that a central registration site would reduce the sharing of links for scheduling appointments, which sometimes go to people who aren’t supposed to get the vaccine yet.

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Crowel said that on Saturday evening the links were still mixed and it would take “a lot of work to repair this damage.”

Albornoz added, “People show up at these destinations with an appointment,” which prompts staff to fire people and creates “an appointment that just wasted”.

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