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Box 4.1 (continued)

Personal Debt Consultation, Immigration Law Consultations, Child Support Specialists, etc. 4. Young people (under 25 years) are also referred to specialized services for immediate placement in training, employment or “jump plus” (a cooperation plan with local training social enterprise agencies). They receive individual support and intensive assistance, if needed, as well as close support from case managers. They also

They loan bicycles for transportation to jobs/training centers as needed. 5. Nearby, there are job boards in every neighborhood, which helps reduce the stigma that could arise if they were located only in poor areas. Each job board has a local business/political leader (sponsor). Job boards help job seekers identify job openings in the area, search for a job, etc.

Box 4.2 Innovative Tools to Optimize Lobby Management in Montgomery County, Maryland, USA

The Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) has been innovating to offer an integrated approach in all areas of service. This is critical, as DHHS must manage, administer, and implement some 134 federal, state, and county programs in six primary service areas: programs for children, youth, and families (including food stamps, TANF cash aid, , social services, etc.), aging and disability, mental health crisis services, public health services (including Medicaid and Affordable Care Act health insurance), homeless services, and community affairs. Integration efforts have occurred at the political and institutional level, in the practice of integrated social work, in personnel management, and through the IT infrastructure. Some of these innovative tools are “QLess”, a system to manage, classify and monitor the flows of people in the main office, and “eICM”, an integrated case management system that supports the functions of pre-selection, reception and registration, assessment of needs and conditions, eligibility, enrollment, benefits/service management and case dispensation.

QLess is a lobby management system that aims to improve customer service, eliminate long lines, reduce walkouts and complaints, increase staff productivity and operational efficiency, gain insights with tracking and reporting, and improve communication and people commitment. Since an office can serve 200-500+ people a day for numerous benefits and services, in addition to administrative appointments (recertification, document delivery, questions and claims), effective management of lobby time and resources is critical. .

For customers. When people arrive, they check in at conveniently located kiosks that offer multilingual options. Preferred language indicators not only help you navigate, but also help the office assign multilingual staff to different positions. People enter their names and mobile phone numbers, and select the buttons for the types of services that correspond to the main reasons for their visit. Once you’ve checked in to the QLess kiosk, an avatar will be assigned to your case and displayed on the monitors in the queue selected for that person, to indicate their place in the queue. the avatars

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