Montgomery Ward Track, Cassette Player Boom Box Model GEN3995A-ТАЙВАНЬ-1987 ГОД

GEN 3995A; Montgomery Ward & Co Radio Montgomery Ward & Company GEN 3995A Volt Batteries / 120 / 6 x 1.5 / 9 Volt Material Thermoplastic Model: GEN 3995A – Montgomery Ward & Co. Lifting height ﹥ 20 cm Portable Stereo Boombox Montgomery Ward model GEN 3995A. AM and FM reception, AFC. Stereo cassette player/recorder, Automatic level control, Auto shut-off system. 3-digit analog tape counter. Digital LED measuring system. 8-track turntable, 2 electret condenser microphones. Carrying handle, telescopic antenna. Made in Taiwan.

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