More than 20 people injured in NY subway shooting, suspect escaped “reference person” announced | Reuters

[Reuters, New York, 12th]–At least 20 people were injured in an incident in which a man hit two smoke bombs and fired on the subway in Brooklyn, New York City on the morning of the 12th.

According to officials, 10 people were shot with guns, 5 of whom were seriously ill, but their condition was stable. An additional 13 people were said to have smoked and were injured in a panic. According to police, none of the injured have a life-threatening affair.

The incident occurred during the morning commute time. The suspect is on the run and police are chasing him. Seems to be acting alone.

A van believed to be involved in the shooting was found in Brooklyn, according to the New York Police Department chief.

At a briefing, police announced a man named Frank James, who was believed to have rented a van, as a “reference”. The van that seized the key on site is said to have been rented in Philadelphia.

According to police, witnesses testified that the suspect was a solid man, wearing an orange vest, a gray sweatshirt, a green helmet, and a surgical mask.

The police commissioner explained that he has not conducted an investigation as a terrorist act at this time. Investigators have found a number of social media posts related to Frank James, who mentioned the homelessness issue and the Mayor of New York, although the motive for the crime was unknown.

According to the White House and the Justice Department, the case was outlined to President Biden and Attorney General Garland, who offered help to Mayor Adams and the City Police of New York City.

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In an interview with CNN, Mayor Adams accused the case of “unreasonable violence.” Governor Kathy Hochul of New York has stated that he will invest all of the state’s resources to stop the growing crime.

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