More than 20 RVs visit Punta Arenas on their way to Alaska

in full Waterfront of the Straitclose to the intersection with Avenida Colón, settled more than twenty mobile homes for a couple of days. Is about citizens of Swiss and German origin what hope to cross the Pan-American Highway to Alaska, covering the entire continent.

“We started in Buenos Aires and we’re driving all the way to Alaska and yes, we’re doing this with 20 RVs. Punta Arenas is a very beautiful city, we are leaving tomorrow morning, but the weather is very good, there is a blue sky but it is cold and very windy. We had never experienced a wind as strong as the one here in our lives,” commented one of the Swiss tourists, who added that this Monday they will travel to Puerto Natales.

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But not all of those who are staying are on the same adventure, there is also an Argentine family that came to enjoy the coast of Puntarenas in their mobile home.

“We used to come to Punta Arenas often before the pandemic (…) We are enjoying a spectacular day in the city, we love coming, seeing friends, getting a change of scenery, seeing people, the city is growing and changing all the time and it’s very friendly for us,” said Daniel Catania, an Argentine tourist.

Part of the visits that the city of Punta Arenas received during this weekend.

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