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More than four hundred thousand people in the US capital, Maryland and Virginia, have been diagnosed with coronavirus and more than nine thousand deaths have already been registered in the region. By Thursday morning, authorities had confirmed at least 443,331 COVID-19 cases and some 9,096 deaths linked to the virus.

In DC, 22,164 cases have been reported, in Maryland, 205,399, and in Virginia, 215,768. The virus has affected a variety of patients, from an eight-week-old baby to nursing home residents.

Although the virus has caused serious illness, particularly among the elderly and patients with pre-existing health problems, most cases are mild and some of those infected appear to have no symptoms at all. These can cough, fever, and breathing difficulties. Patients have also reported temporary loss of the sense of smell and taste.

Local, state and federal authorities are coordinating efforts to minimize the spread of the virus and its impact on communities. Health officials say the best way to prevent getting sick is to wash your hands frequently. Anyone who feels ill should stay home, isolated.

DC: 22,164 confirmed cases

Some 22,164 people had tested positive for coronavirus in the US capital by Thursday. So far there have been at least 692 deaths.

The ages of those diagnosed range from 8 weeks to 103 years. Most of those affected are people between 30 and 41 years old, according to data provided by the District. African American residents have been disproportionately affected by the disease, accounting for approximately 80% of deaths, despite constituting 46% of the city’s population. Latinos represent approximately 29% of cases.

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A 50-year-old rector of the historic Christ Church in Georgetown was the first recorded case in the District. His case was announced on March 7. He had no “history of international travel or close contact with a confirmed case,” according to authorities.

Latinos are among the groups most affected by the coronavirus in the US capital, authorities said. According to city officials, the Hispanic neighborhood of Columbia Heights, in Sector 1, has seen a rapid and worrying increase in its infection rate in recent weeks.

Maryland: 205.399 confirmed cases

Some 205,399 people have tested positive for coronavirus in Maryland, according to the most recent data. of the Department of Health. At least 4,606 deaths have already been recorded in the state, with an additional 158 suspected to be possibly linked to complications from the virus.

As of Thursday morning, Prince George’s County was the worst hit, with 42,458 diagnoses and at least 917 deaths linked to the virus; followed by Montgomery County with 34,425 and 928 deaths; Baltimore County with 30,187 diagnoses and 730 deaths; and Baltimore City, with 25,270 diagnoses and 561 deaths.

Coronavirus Cases in Maryland, by Zip Code

Data for zip codes with 7 or fewer cases has been hidden.

Virginia: 215,768 confirmed casess

In Virginia, 215,768 positive cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed, with the majority of these in the upstate. So far 3,798 deaths have been registered.

Latinos are one of the ethnic groups hardest hit by the pandemic, according to data from health authorities. They represent almost 26% of cases, despite comprising just under 10% of the state’s population.

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The county with the highest number of cases is Fairfax, with at least 32,240; followed by Prince William with 21,936, Virginia Beach with 11,149 and Loudoun with 10,376.

Can find more information on the page of the State Department of Health.


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