Most Alabama Amazon Center Employees Reject Union Creation

The attempt to organize a union representation in Amazon in United States.

Most of the employees at one of its distribution centers in Bessemer, Alabama, rejected the proposal, which received only 24% of favorable votes.

However, the Retail, Wholesale and Store Employees Union (RWDSU), has announced the filing of an appeal for alleged irregularities, while denouncing pressure.

“People should not assume that these results in any way give validity to Amazon’s working conditions and the way it treats its employees. Quite the contrary, they demonstrate the powerful impact of intimidation and employer meddling.”, has explained the president of this union, Stuart Appelbaum.

However, the employer and some workers have defended both the validity of the process and their working conditions (a minimum of $ 15.30 per hour).

“I knew the salaries of each category, it was something of public knowledge, so I could clearly verify that this is not something that we needed”, said Lavonette Stokes, one of the company’s workers.

Amazon is the second largest company in the United States by number of employees, after the chain of hypermarkets Walmart.

This attempt to organize a union representation had achieved a wide media coverage, after it was learned that some of its drivers had been forced to urinate in plastic bottles during their delivery routes.


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