Most Expensive and Cheapest Areas to Rent a Room in Boston – NBC Connecticut

A new report has revealed the most expensive neighborhoods to rent in the city of Boston, noting that it is the second most expensive metropolis in the nation for rent.

The difference between apartment rentals in the Boston metropolitan area is $1,870, according to a study by Zumper, a nationwide rental property company.

In recent years, affordable housing in Massachusetts has been a priority for groups like Vida Urbana, who fight every day for low-cost housing for communities with a high Hispanic population.

“What we are seeing is that rents are rising at the state level and what many people need in order to be stable is to have a type of rent control,” says Gabriela Cartagena of the Vida Urbana organization.

Cartagena believes that what is needed is rent control at the state level, “it will help, not only Hispanics, but also migrant people, because we must remember that tenant rights are for all types of tenants, no matter your immigration status

According to the study, the neighborhoods of Cambridge, Boston, Newton, Brookline, and Waltham would be above the state median, with rents above $3,130 per month.

While Manchester, Worcester and Brockton would be the neighborhoods where the average rent for a one-bedroom apartment is around $1,455 per month.

“These huge real estate investors are taking advantage of working class people and raising their rents as a tactic to evict people,” adds Cartagena.

Thus, the high cost of housing, which continues to directly impact the Hispanic community, including thousands of East Boston residents

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