Movie Ghosts and the Last Nightmare begins filming in Guadalajara

Enrique Vazquez

Guadalajara / 04.05.2021 14:30:35

This April 30 The start of the filming of Ghosts, the last nightmare Young’s debut feature, director Ian Martin who was formed in Guadalajara and New York and in which the actors Susana Zabaleta, Ricardo Fastlicht, Giuseppe Gamba, Marilyn Ricaño, Facundo, María Barracuda, Ceci de la Cueva, and the debut of Bella Castillón and Ximena López participate.

The production is in charge of the CM Films studio and will be filmed in Guadalajara. The film deals with a family-style story about paranormal phenomena. At a virtual press conference it was announced that the story is set in 1970, with flashbacks in the 50s, which meant extensive research.

Ian Martin stressed that the filming has required a significant deployment of physical set construction, something that is rarely seen in the making of current Mexican films and that the script was co-written with Eduardo Espíndola.

Ian Martín has made video clips for Erik Rubín, “Aire y Fuego”, as well as “Funky Liberation” was nominated for a Latin Grammy, with the video for Jotdog, of the song “Catástrofes Perfumadas”, the first video produced at Virtual Production in Mexico, a by CM FILMS and Guanamor Films. He directed the short film Birds in the City, with which he was awarded at various festivals such as the Baja California International Festival, the Alaska Film Awards and the FICG in Los Angeles in 2019.



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