Movies and premiere series on Disney+ in January not to be missed

With the arrival of the first month of new Year not only did we enjoy a start full of goals and purposesmany await us too news on platforms streaming to share moments of entertainment in front of the screens with the family.

In addition to wishing you a wonderful 2023, we leave you the catalog of movies and series premiered on Disney+ in Januarywhich brings very interesting content.

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1. Abbey Road: If the walls could sing

If the walls could talk | Source: Disney+

Abbey Road is probably the recording studio documented in the world, but it has a very special place in the hearts of those who are nostalgic and in love with music. In addition to becoming a rock bannerthese walls have witnessed iconic recordings and of historical band legends. if the walls sang comes to the screen directed by Mary McCartney, Linda and Paul’s daughter.

With appearances by Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Elton John, Roger Waters, Liam Gallagher, John Williams, Celeste, Sheku Kanneh-Mason and many more figures, this documentary shows nine decades of musical historywith the emotion of a story loaded with memory.

Recommended age: +10 years – Release date: January 6

2. Idina Menzel: Which way do you go on stage?

Idina Menzel Where does one go to the stage?  disney documentary
Idina Menzel: Which way do you go to the stage? | Source: Disney+

This documentary closely follows the artist’s story as she embarks on a tour with Josh Groban and ends in the Madison Square Garden (with which he fulfills his lifelong dream). During the film, she reflects on the ups and downs of his career and personal lifeincluding the difficulties of balancing her role as an actress and as a mother.

You can enjoy here various concerts, many testimonials and abundant archival material. And accompany Idina from the beginning of her as wedding singer and bar mitzvahuntil his rise to fame for Disney through Frozen. Menzel discusses each step of the journey and how it impacted his personal life, while reviewing old memories of him in a box of his old compositions.

Recommended age: +10 years – Release date: January 20


3. Star Wars: La remesa mala – T2

Star Wars: The Bad Batch Season 2 Disney Premiere
Star Wars: The Bad Consignment | Source: IMDb

lovers of Star Wars They were in luck when the first season of The bad consignment. This animated series follows a group of mutant clone troopersknown as Clone Force 99, They carry out a series of missions. In its first season we were able to share the adventures of characters from the saga such as the Captain Rex, and in this new installment of Disney + some that we never thought we would see again will return.

Recommended age: +7 years – Release date: January 4

4. Koala Man

Koala man movies and series premiere on Disney + in January
Koala-man | Source: Disney+

Thereof creators of Rick y Mortyarrives at the platform New serie Koala Man. This animated comedy It’s about a middle-aged fatherKevin, who decides to end the Dapto City Crimes maintaining a not-so-secret identity. With the help of her family, she will do everything possible to defeat villains and rule-breaking citizens.

Recommended age: – Release date: January 9

5. Wave chasers

surf cazadores de olas japon disney documentary series
Wave chasers | Source: Canva

If you like the surf and documentaries, you can’t miss this premiere. Find out how they live this sport in Japan and visit the most beautiful and iconic places full of waves in the Country of the rising sun. The series will allow you to immerse yourself in the difficulties of those who they try to succeed on the table or live from businesses related to this wonderful world.

Recommended age: – Release date: January 11

6. Welcome to Chippendales

Welcome to Chippendales: movies and series premiere on Disney + in January
Welcome to Chippendales | Source: Disney+

In this series directed by Richard Shepard y Matt Shakmanand based on the book of Scott Mcdonald (Deadly Dance: The Chippendales Murders) we will know the life of a Indian businessman named Somen Steve Banerjee. Although it is inspired by Real caseswere modified with some creative freedom to give the story an extra touch of entertainment. As the season progresses, we’ll explore the emotional complexity of human relationships all the way to the top of the famous male strip joint.

Recommended age: +16 years – Release date: January 11

7. Atlanta – T4

Atlanta season 4: movies and series premiere on Disney + in January
Atlanta | Source: IMDb

If you like the rap worldthis dramatic comedy starring Donald Glover You’ll love it. Bring to the screens the history of Earna not very proactive young man who decides to drop out of university, and his cousin ‘Paper Boy‘, a rapper who is close to becoming a star. In its final season, we will know the outcome of the cousins ​​gang, Van and Dariusagain in the streets of Atlanta.

Recommended age: +16 years – Release date: January 18

8. Demon Girl

movies and series premiere on Disney + in January: girl from the devil
Demon girl | Source: IMDb

Could you imagine the daughter of satan living in the human world, specifically in Delaware? This is the story of demon girl caricatures the life of the little daughter of the Antichrist, who through adolescence with his mothersurrounded by a constant comic conflict with paranormal forces and her father’s desire to keep the young woman’s soul.

Recommended age: +16 years – Release date: January 18

9. Extraordinary

Movies and series premiering on Disney+ in January: Extraordinary
Extraordinary | Fuente: IMDb

Although according to the universe of Extraordinary everyone must receive a superpower at age 18, Jen is still waiting for her 25 and feels like that day will never come. With your friends Carrie, Kash and an adorable cat who will turn out to have some secrets, he will try everything possible to get it by his means, even if it means going back in time. Don’t miss the wacky adventures of this strange and funny group.

Recommended age: +16 years – Release date: January 25

10. Between the world and me

Movies and series to premiere on Disney+ in January: Turkish novel Between the world and me
Between the world and me | Source: IMDb

If Turkish novels are your thing, you will be delighted to know that Disney brings an option for you: in this series, we will accompany Tolga and Ilkin from the first night they met and fell in love, to all the conflicts that ended their relationship. But is the love between them really over? The romance between the main actor in a television series and the editor will try to save this bond and, in turn, deal with their personal problems.

Recommended age: +16 years – Release date: January 25

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