Mullet cut: this kitsch trendy hairstyle that continues to fascinate the stars

It goes and it comes back …

It is a cut that we love to hate, yet it is timeless. Born in the early 70s, cult in the 80s and 90s, the mullet cut – and her hair more or less long on the nape of the neckdoes not want to die. It almost did not survive the 21st century and then, miraculously, occasionally, the creators bring it up to date, the stars take it and wear it with pride. Australia and Belgium celebrate it in festivals …

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Mullet cut: the eternal return

David Bowie was one of the precursors of the mullet cut before this hair look was unanimously adopted by everyone, man and woman (it is true that it goes to everyone). The most memorable mullet cuts? How not to think about MacGyver and Walker, Texas Ranger, two small screen heroes who made it their signature cut, or Andre Agassi, who sported it on all the tennis courts in the world …

Even Scarlett Johansson and Rihanna have tried it out when in recent months it’s been Miley Cyrus who never leaves her, her whose father, Billy Ray, was one of the most famous flag bearers! Indestructible, the mullet cut? It seems like. Experts are already predicting yet another shattering comeback in 2021. Its vintage side, not to say cheesy, makes it surprisingly trendy again. Help ?


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