Municipal Environmental Agency requests collaboration from the community to avoid acts of vandalism in the Urban Coastal Reserve, Ro Chico sector

The Municipal Environmental Agency once again calls for the solidarity of the residents of Ro Gallegos and those who visit the Urban Coastal Reserve located in the area of ​​Ro Chico, to preserve the cleanliness of the sector and the different trails in addition to the care of the elements of the spaces rest before different acts of vandalism that have arisen.

It should be noted that the Urban Coastal Reserve in the Ro Chico sector has the particularity that at this time of year it is the place of concentration of many migratory shorebirds that come from the North Pole, Alaska, Canada.

Yamile Cortez, head of the Municipality Environmental Agency Department, referred to different actions that are developed in the reserve system that exist in the capital city in conjunction with different areas of the commune, on which the official highlighted that we have been working hard on the maintenance and repair of the facilities of the different protected areas of the city, this time we have found damage to the facilities of the rest areas of the urban reserve sector Ro Chico, we have to take care of these areas that have been created in addition to conserving our landscape, flora and fauna and to enjoy them where different sectors of trails have been designed to ride a bicycle or walk and rest, that is why we make this call for reflection and we must feel fortunate to have these areas within the city and what We request is to care for them for the enjoyment of all, not to damage them.

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It should be noted that in the different areas of urban reserves it is strictly forbidden to camp, and set fire in the aforementioned places, in Ro Gallegos there are currently the Laguna Mara La Gorda Reserve, Laguna Ortiz, Costera Urbana and former Startel property.

International Festival of Migratory Birds

Likewise, the Municipal Environmental Agency together with the Municipality of Morteros (Crdoba) and the municipality of Ro Grande (Tierra del Fuego), and the National University of Southern Patagonia, are finalizing the details of participation in a new edition of FIAM International Festival of Migratory Birds, where different municipalities from countries such as Venezuela, Colombia, Spain, Mexico and Venezuela will also be participating. The proposal will take place from January 17 to 24, 2021 in the Mexican city of San Blas in the state of Nayarit and will be the seventeenth edition of said festival.

Finally, Cortez invited the community to join the broadcast through the municipality’s social networks.

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