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A study from the University of Michigan found that adults over the age of 50 scored better on cognitive memory tests.

Most of us know that dogs are man’s best friend. This statement directly related to their unwavering loyalty and their infinite qualities as a companion animal, however, does not hide the fact that dogs have also historically been very useful in work, rescue or police investigation tasks.

Through a study from the University of Michigan, it was learned that adults over 50 who have had a pet for more than five years obtained better results in cognitive memory tests than those who do not own a pet.

The curious thing about the case is that ‘the pet effect’ could protect the brain from aging, beyond intestinal or heart health.

In addition, they stated that dogs help owners to move more. Having a dog, for example, forces its owners to go for a walk. And it’s well known that daily exercise is vital for brain health and functional longevity (or independence as an adult to carry out daily activities).

Finally, animals bring happiness to their lives. Perhaps companion animals only make them happier and generate a feeling of affection for their recoveries in the midst of their crises.

As the Science Alert site explains, pets could keep us young and fit, both inside and out.

Did you know that pets would help the memory of older adults?  - Caribbean Radio
Elderly person with his pet in the garden of his house.



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