Mysterious pieces of human body discovered in Arizona

Several pieces of human body have been found in different places in a remote area of ​​Arizona.

A very strange discovery. On Saturday, several human body parts were discovered in a remote area of ​​Arizona. Authorities have launched an investigation to find out if other remains could be found in this isolated part of the region. The body parts were in two different locations in Yavapai County and were discovered by two men who were not together. The first were seen by a lumberjack on Saturday, the second by a hunter on Sunday, all near Prescott, explains ABC15.

“We are as baffled as anyone when we learned the next day that additional remains had been found,” the sheriff’s spokesperson commented to the Associated Press. He said he did not “believe it possible”, while adding: “But it is possible, and these are two parts of the human body, which are not linked to each other”.

A medical institution in question

If the pieces of corpse did not belong to the same body, they would all go back to a medical institution. According to the authorities, they could have been used for teaching or research. Labels were found on some parts. It remains to understand why and how they ended up in this area. According to the sheriff, they might have been dumped there recently. The medical examiner’s office is working to identify them and trace their origins. At the same time, authorities are using drones and police dogs to search the two areas located a few miles apart, looking for new clues.

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In Arizona, moving body parts to abandon or hide them is a crime. “There isn’t much that can surprise me anymore, but this news makes me sick, especially for families. I am sure that those responsible will be arrested ”, the sheriff said in a statement posted on Facebook.

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