MYSTERY SOLVED: Jack Grealish explained why he plays with socks down and small shin guards

A matter of look? Comfort? The style of the gamers? Because of the admiration you feel for someone? It doesn’t go that way. The reason behind Jack Grealish’s chunky low socks and shin guards is mere superstition.

When I was a youth, there was a campaign where the Aston Villa uniform socks would shrink after being washed and could not be pulled up further. That season he competed like this and felt like he played really well. So, he decided not to go back to the old way.


“When I was younger, Macron sponsored us and socks would shrink in the washing machine. And that season I moved so well that I stayed like that “, he commented, laughing, in an interview with EA Sports which was uploaded in September 2019.

And, recently, he maintained the same explanation as collected Birmingham Mail: “Obviously the socks are supposed to go above the calves. But one year here, the socks shrunk when washed, so they didn’t go higher. That season I ended up playing very well. It became superstitious for me. I thought, ‘I’m going to keep doing this because I’ve done it well.’

The one born in 1995 is a type of cabal. Let’s not forget that in 2019 he ascended to the Premier League using boots that were practically destroyed because they were ‘giving him luck’.

Undefeated data. Jack Grealish has played his entire career at Aston Villa. In the club of his loves since 2001. From the inferiors, to the captaincy of the absolute cast. For now, one club man.

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Did you know…? Jack Grealish is the player who has generated the most chances with key passes (52) in this Premier League. Playmaker.

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