Nadezhda Galantseva’s solo performance “Live” will be presented on the small stage of the Regional Drama Theater

January 26, 2022

One-man show “Living. Justification of the soul » – Directing and acting work of Nadezhda Galantseva, drama theater actress. This project of hers was supported by a scholarship from the Union of Theater Workers of Russia, and the premiere of the production took place in the fall of 2020 on the stage of the Vologda House of Actors.

The play is based on the story “Live and Remember” by Valentin Rasputin, which tells a tragic story about war and love: a soldier, after four years of war, without getting a leave to go home after being wounded, escapes, becoming a deserter, and his wife accepts him, realizing that both of them will become outcasts. The life drama of the heroes who find themselves in a hopeless situation invariably touches the audience. But the main idea for Nadezhda Galantseva, the director of the play and the performer of all roles, was the idea of ​​justifying a person who is led through life by love and loyalty.

The first screening of the monodrama “Live” on the new site – the small stage of the Vologda Drama Theater – will take place February 3rd. Start at 19.00. Tickets can be purchased here. The performance is included in the theater repertoire and will appear on the poster.

We add that recently the solo performance “Live” was invited to the 1st All-Russian Theater Festival named after Valentin Rasputin, which will be held in March 2022 in Irkutsk. Performances to be shown at the festival were selected on a competitive basis. The work of Nadezhda Galantseva was highly appreciated by the writer’s widow, noting that the young actress approached such complex material with great respect.

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