Nakwasina River From Crescent Harbor

From USD

  • Duration: 1 Hours (approx.)

Your convenient marine transportation is aboard a 26′ landing craft M/V Kruzof II.  This custom aluminum boat has a heated enclosed aft cabin with seating for 6.  The front deck is equipped with a bow ramp and can carry up to 600#s of gear.  Trips depart from Crescent Harbor in Sitka Alaska.  All trips include 15 minutes load and unload time.  Loading starts at Crescent Harbor at the time the trip is scheduled.  Additional load/unload/standby time should be prescheduled and can be added in 15 minute increments at booking. Trip rates are based on distances traveled by boat dock to dock from Crescent Harbor distances are rounded to the nearest half mile.  The rate per mile may change at any time with fluctuations in fuel and staffing costs.  The captain may choose to take alternate routes due to weather and sea conditions that may affect underway time this will not change the cost of the transfer.

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