Named zodiac signs that will meet love before the end of 2022

Quite a bit is left before the new year, but during this time representatives of some signs of the zodiac will have time to live a passionate love story, which will certainly become long-term. Which signs of the zodiac will be affected by Venus, the planet responsible for love, according to astrologer Diana LEE, writes Express K.

Taurus, who, until the autumn, were focused on work, will gradually shift the focus to their personal lives. From the end of August, Taurus will be ruled by Venus, which will not leave them a chance not to be loving and romantic.

This is not to say that the novel that began this year will be perfect. There will be tests, but insurmountable difficulties are not expected. Lovers will have to stick together for a happy outcome

the astrologer advised.

Lviv passions swirl. It will be a chance meeting, which will later become a beautiful love story.

Venus in Sagittarius on November 17 is preparing a pleasant surprise for Leo. Representatives of this sign will meet the same person on vacation with friends or on a trip. The lions will be seriously in love. At this time they will be very vulnerable,

— a confident astrologer.

Also Capricorn it will not be possible to escape the arrows of Cupid in the second half of this year. Therefore, if the representatives of this sign have not yet met love, then the long-awaited clash with it is about to happen. According to expert forecasts, the transition of Mercury into Leo on July 19 will make this event inevitable.

And from November 17, Venus will magically influence cold Capricorns. They will be included in the relationship, interested in the understanding and attention of the partner. It will be a very romantic time. Good for creating a healthy and strong union,

Li said.

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