Naples | vast illicit traffic of waste from Chiaia to Scampia

Naples, vast illicit trafficking of waste from Chiaia to Scampia: two complaints (On Friday 3 September 2021)
Discovery of illegal landfill of waste products a Chiaia and disposed of at Scampia: the owner of a resale of building material and the manager of a transport company reported. Discovered by the Local Police of Naples a vast traffic illicit from waste which, produced a Chiaia, were disposed of at Scampia. Following the monitoring activities Read on 2anews


napolicittametr : Metronapoli – Naples: the Municipal Police discovers a vast illicit traffic of waste from Chiaia to Scampia … – MegastoreA : ???? Store Games & More ???? ?? Info and Contacts 376 05 26 626 ?? SEVEN TRIPLE CASE NAPLES SCHOOL 3 ZIP GIOTTO? M … – fabriziodavoli1 : @ChiranAngelgela @ GHINODITACCO18 Instead of laughing, take a trip to Malmoe, Birmingham, Brussels, Clichy a Par… – teacher : If you want to build a boat, don’t gather men to chop wood, divide tasks and give orders, but inse … – ila_napoli_ : RT @tomasomontanari: I thank all * those who have expressed solidarity with me. It is sad, but not surprising, that the vast arch of the right… –

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Naples, vast illicit trafficking of waste from Chiaia to Scampia: two complaints 2a News

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The men of the Local Police, after carrying out various stalking and shadowing, managed to fully reconstruct the illicit disposal chain of special waste …

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