NASA shows maps of fires in the world in real time; This is how the heat wave affects Europe

The hello heat It has caused temperatures of up to 40 degrees on Europa, so NASA has offered tools to see it from space. Now give a map interactive in real time to see them fires in the old continent, as well as in the rest of the planet.

How to see the map in real time of fires due to the heat wave in Europe and the world?

The official website of NASA, Worldviewallows to observe a map of the Earth in which it is possible to appreciate a layer of fires and thermal anomalies. To access it, just click on the following link. The orange spots represent the claims.



In addition to the interactive maps, the NASA It also offers satellite images of the hello heat in Europa and in other regions of the world, such as Alaska y Canada.

Wildfires in Alaska are common during the summer; This is what smoke looks like from space | Photo: NASA Earth Observatory
Canada is one of the countries most affected by the heat wave; this is how their fires look | Photo: NASA Earth Observatory
Thanks to satellite images, you can see the smoke from the fires in North America due to the heat wave | Photo: NASA Earth Observatory

The United States Space Administration has closely followed the anomalies due to the high temperatures in Europawhich is why it has developed multiple tools with the aim of being alert for the hello heat which has already left at least 500 deaths in Spain.

Locations of fire detections in Portugal and Spain, countries affected by the heat wave, as observed by the Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite (VIIRS) on the Suomi NPP satellite on July 12, 2022. | Photo: NASA.

Use the Zoom Earth maps to locate the fires in Europe!

The digital service Zoom Earth also offers a map newspaper that allows you to see all the meteorological phenomena throughout the world and offers the option of appreciating them throughout the day. In the case of the “apocalyptic” heat wave in Europeyou can see the evolution of the fires.

Through its Twitter account, the tool shows maps centered by region, highlighting the areas in which the “devastating fires forestry”. First, it emphasizes the case of spain and Portugal, where some of the most serious cases are recorded due to hello heat.

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Zoom Earth also showed what the powerful looks like fire of Athens, Greece, which prompted an urgent evacuation around Mount Penteli after hundreds of homes were hit in the Greek capital by intense European heating pot.

The portal not only shows the specific points where there are fires, but also facilitates a map temperature that reflects how temperatures have been increasing in Europaparticularly in United Kingdom y France.

Thanks to the tools NASA y Zoom Earthpeople around the world can be aware of critical situations such as hurricanes, storms and even fires caused by high temperatures. With real-time monitoring, it is possible to assess whether the situation is improving or worsening.

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