National Championship: Alabama leaves no chance for Ohio State defense

It’s done, the College Football season is officially over. And what a final! Alabama won the National Championship against the Ohio State Buckeyes 52-24. Mac Jones was terribly accurate in this game with five TDs and 464 yards. For his part Justin Fields had to assume everything with 194 yards passing and a TD and 67 yards running. The Buckeyes lost the RB that had been so important at the end of the season: Trey Sermon, on the first drive of the game.

A neck-and-neck start before the explosion of the Buckeyes secondary school

It was Najee Harris who opened the race for Alabama, the start of a great performance that concludes a great season for him. Then Justin Fields was able to find Chris Olave to put himself in a position to equalize. Thanks to a magnificent one-handed reception from Jeremy Ruckert the Buckeyes were able to advance into the field. It was Master Teague III who finished the drive to equalize.

It didn’t take long for Alabama to respond with play-action aimed at DeVonta Smith, left completely alone by the Ohio State defense. The start of a long series of secondary dropouts in this game. And it is again Smith who finishes the drive with a play-action of Mac Jones. Smith was still far too lonely on the reception and didn’t have to push much to put Alabama ahead.

Justin Fields, who was not 100% in this game because of the terrible blow received in the game against Clemson, returns the ball to Alabama. At this point the Crimson Tide on occasion to drive home the point, but the Ohio State defense forces a fumble to restore hope to the Buckeyes. It’s still Master Teague III who finishes the job: 14-14!

Najee Harris and DeVonta Smith will then continue to cut the defense of Ohio State and it is on a reception that Harris who gives the advantage to Alabama against a defense of Ohio State much too passive. Since he finished his race in endzone with six players from the University of Columbus around him without being able to stop him.

And it may be the beginning of the end for Ohio State, with a drive that ends in a field goal when they were well advanced in the field and the same pattern that is repeated for Alabama: DeVonta Smith completely unstoppable . With two receptions for a TD before halftime, the Alabama receiver allows the Crimson Tide to lead widely at halftime: 35-17.

The last TD before half-time is particularly significant of this game: Shaun Wade completely non-existent and the Ohio State secondary unable to stop DeVonta Smith who crossed half of the field in the middle of three Ohio State players. A terrible image has often returned: Tuf Borland at the end of the race behind the receiver of Alabama, as a last effort to try to stop him, where the CBs are next to the meeting. It’s not up to the Ohio State LB to defend against DeVonta Smith and it’s even physically impossible for him to compete with such a quick receiver.

After halftime: Justin Fields will turn a great pass for Garrett Wilson, the last TD of the game for Ohio State. Justin Fields for his last game in NCAA therefore ended with a correct performance but which did not really show what he was capable of because of the defense game which never put him in a position to win this match.

For his part, Mac Jones ended his career in Alabama with an offensive fireworks display which shows that he was able to make the most of the many weapons at his disposal in attack, DeVonta Smith was impossible to stop and made hell live. at the Ohio State secondary. At the top of the list Shaun Wade who has not been up to the meeting and at the level to which he evolved last season because it is true that this season has been very difficult for him. A number shows how impressive the attack Alabama attack was: they beat the number of points scored in the final of the national championship.

Match statistics

Alabama :

Mac Jones, QB: 36 completed passes of 45 attempted, 464 yards for 5 TD.

DeVonta Smith: 12 receptions for 215 yards and 3 TD.

Najee Harris: 22 races for 79 yards and 2 TD

Ohio State Buckeyes

Justin Fields: 17 attempted passes out of 33 completed, 194 yards for 1 TD and 67 yards on the run

Master Teague III: 15 races for 65 yards and 2 TD

Chris Olave: 8 receptions for 69 yards

Post-match statements

“For me it’s the ultimate team. There’s more team spirit in this collective than in almost any team we’ve had in Alabama. They have had to go beyond and persevere in so many areas this season and they have done it beautifully ”

Nick Saban

“Justin was amazing, he’s the most competitive and tough player I have ever met. He is an incredible player, I will miss him. “

Ryan Day

To conclude, this College Football season has been special, it was the first one played during a pandemic. The Student-Athletes therefore had to face even more pressure and challenges than usual. It is easy to forget that we are dealing with young adults, most of whom are in their twenties. To succeed in such a season under such circumstances is a huge achievement that must obviously be commended.


National Championship: Alabama leaves no chance for Ohio State defense

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National Championship: Alabama leaves no chance for Ohio State defense


We look back at the NCAA Playoffs National Final with Alabama win over Ohio State


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