National Championship between Alabama and Ohio State in danger from COVID-19

The NFL is not the only football league that has been affected by the Coronavirus, as now the NCAA will also have to find a solution to an outbreak that occurred. The worst part is that this is the most important game of the season, the college final between Alabama vs Ohio State.

The match is on January 11, 2021.

The collegiate campaign has been marked by the pandemic from start to finish, to the point that some bowls almost had to be canceled. In the end they were able to carry them all out, but for the most important game the story could change, as an outbreak was reported in one of the teams.

Alabama beat Notre Dame to get the first ticket to the National Championship, while Ohio State superó a Trevor Lawrence and Clemson to advance. It is the ‘Buckeyes’ who are now in trouble by announcing positive cases in the team.

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The game could be postponed.

According to the report, Ohio State could have all players from a position out due to positives and infection tracking protocols. The NCAA has not proclaimed on the matter, but says it could move the game a week, to January 18.

Ohio State had regular season games canceled against Maryland, Illinois and Michigan due to the coronavirus, while Alabama lost the game to LSU. So it is not the first time that these two teams have been affected by the pandemic.

The problem is, there could be another motive behind it all.

Ohio State QB Justin Fields suffered a severe injury against Clemson and the team is said to have reported the cases in order to give him more time to recover, although this is all an assumption. For now, the Alabama vs. Ohio State college final is still on, but could change in the coming days.

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