National talent that bets on Mexico

A few days ago, the media were invited to a gathering, as part of the opening activities that we always seek to have in the company. The response to this call made by the ANV press officer, Clara Espinosa, who has done a wonderful job, was a great surprise.

I want to publicly thank you for your support and, as I told you, to maintain the commitment to transparency to facilitate your work. As well as my friend Antonio Campos, owner of Casa Toño, for holding the event in one of his magnificent branches.

But that meeting also served us to publicize one of the decisions and acquisitions that Acuática Nelsonvargas has made, as always, with the firm idea of ​​giving opportunity and nurturing the youth of this country. The new side of a man who, as an athlete, has always been a winner was presented. Olympic swimmer in Rio 2016, gold multi-medalist in the last Central American Games in Barranquilla 2018, as well as winner of three bronzes in the Pan American Games in Lima 2019.

He is a distance swimmer, who has the Mexican records of 400, 800 and 1,500 freestyle meters, and who has now decided to leave his sports career to dedicate himself to doing what he likes best: promoting swimming.

What surprises me the most is that most of the swimmers who study in the United States seek to find employment in companies there. He swam at the University of Michigan, which has had many Olympic champions, but he did not want to stay there, since he thinks that he will have a much better future here as the leader he can become in Mexico.

This is Ricardo Vargas, who was trained by Jon Urbanchek in Michigan. His decision is very laudable, and we are going to support and enhance his abilities to pursue a career in nelsonvargas aquatics.

This young man has a great value that many lose along the way: Loyalty. And he shows her to her great trainer in Morelos, Tina Vidal (with whom it all started), and to ANV, since she has been swimming with us and the State of Mexico for two and a half years, with incredible success. I am sure that Ricardo will have a career in the company, and if he is a manager (as he will be at the Plaza Central branch), his great ideas will take him to the top.

If many more Mexicans studying in the United States thought the same way as Ricardo, they would be a great asset to our country. Many stay there, which is respectable and we celebrate it too, but —in the same way— we recognize the value of a decision like Ricardo’s, to whom we wish a lot of success, because he can be a man who can guide him not only to the branch in charge and to the business, but also to the swimming of our country.

That is why we welcome you to ANV. Both Nelson Vargas Escalera, general director of the company, and myself, appreciate the decision you made to be an asset of nelsonvargas aquatic, which we know will take us all on great paths. Success!

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