Natural Wonders That Happen Every Year in California

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California, USA / 01.01.2021 13:15:32

Of the nearly 3,500 species of California native plants, 60 percent are not found anywhere else on the planet. Here, the species of insects number in the thousands And each year, the birds attract watchers from all regions.

This is California, a state full of nature and different climates that make it a diverse region for life. These are some natural events that can be seen throughout the year in California.

Winter spring

During colder days in the mountainous regions of California, you can appreciate snow-covered landscapes. In In the Sierra Nevada you can find pink snow, the product of the presence of an alga. Some claim that it has a particular fruity aroma and it tastes like watermelon.

Between winter and spring they can also be appreciated whale migrations. The gray whale reaches up to 45 feet in length and can weigh about 100,000 pounds.

The whales follow a route from the frigid Bering and Chukchi Seas in Alaska to the warm waters of Baja California. There give birth after a long journey which becomes a spectacle for visitors.

The 14 thousand mile round trip of the whales is the longest distance known to any mammal that migrates annually.


Summer is the hottest time in California. Just in the mojave desert the highest temperatures in recent years have been recorded.

The months from May to July are perfect for hiking in Yosemite National Park when the flora is in all its glory. In the summer you can also explore the waterfalls and find impressive scenery.


Those looking to enjoy a autumn landscape they can find a lot to see in California. Whether traveling by car, mountain bike, or on foot, the Golden State offers a wealth of fall exhibits from September to November.

The region of the cascada Shasta It offers some of the most spectacular colors in the state amid rugged, rolling terrain.

In Mammoth Lakes, the leaves begin to change to mid september. Some of the main points are in the Red Meadows area with excursions to Rainbow Falls and Devils Postpile National Monument, for its old poplars.


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