NBA: four players excluded following an altercation between Indiana and Utah (video)

Tensions rose following a clash between Myles Turner and Rudy Gobert.

Udefeat and three players excluded, including Rudy Gobert after a collision with Myles Turner, also returned to the locker room: Utah did not have a good night against Indiana, Thursday in the NBA, while the Clippers snatched the victory against Miami.

Three days after the clash between Markieff Morris (Heat) and Nikola Jokic (Nuggets), which earned the latter, reigning MVP, a suspension match for violently pushing the former in the back, in retaliation for a big foul suffered, the disciplinary committee of the league is experiencing a busy week.

There was in the end no blow, but it waltzed severely on the floor of the Jazz between the two pivots, when the Frenchman tackled the arms of the American who had just pushed him, when he was withdrawing. towards his camp.

We were four minutes from the end of a match that the Pacers dominated and would win (111-100). And a few seconds earlier, Gobert (19 pts, 11 rebounds) frustrated at having been countered at the limit of regularity by his rival, had caught him in his fall by the shorts. Falling in turn, Turner (13 pts, 9 rebounds) took revenge by getting up, all leading to a skirmish.

“He fouled me, I fell and pulled him down. It was also a fault. Then he pushed me on the back and in the end nothing happened (…) We weren’t going to fight. Guys have to stop acting like they’re going to fight. It’s cool for the cameras, but we know that two seconds later there will be 20 security guards, ”wanted to play down the Frenchman, triple best defender in the League.

“Batman” appears at the Clippers

Around them, a melee was indeed quickly formed. The teammates of “Gobzilla”, Donovan Mitchell (26 pts) and Joe Ingles, who pushed a referee in his tracks, were also excluded for their reaction considered too vehement.

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Deprived of these three strong men in full money-time, Utah could not reverse the situation and conceded its first defeat of the season at home, slipping to 3rd place in the West (8-4). Indiana (5-8), who relied on an excellent Malcolm Brogdon (30 pts), climbed to 12th in the East.

In Los Angeles, the Heat, beaten after overtime the day before by the Lakers, was again narrowly by the Clippers (112-109).

An interception by Nicolas Batum, on the final throw-in, poorly executed by PJ Tucker, three seconds from time, ensured the sixth consecutive success for the Californians, now 6th (7-4). The French winger was imperial in defense (6 pts, 6 rebounds, 3 blocks, 2 interceptions) and Paul George played his usual role in attack (25 pts).

Side Heat (7th), where Jimmy Butler was lacking (ankle), Bam Adebayo was omnipresent (30 pts, 11 rebounds), just like Kyle Lowry (25 pts, 5 assists). But like Tyler Herro, passed by behind the arc (0/6, but 23 pts all the same), the Florida long-distance address was too bad (9/41, 22%).

Finally, in Philadelphia, the absence of Joel Embiid (Covid-19) was again felt for the Sixers who conceded a third loss (115-109) in a row against the Raptors. Gary Trent Jr (20 pts) and Fred VanVleet (32 pts, 7 assists, 6 rebounds) had two consecutive lethal baskets behind the arc, in the last 70 seconds.


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