NCL sentenced to pay €117 million for using the port of Havana

The company Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) must pay a total of 117.5 million euros to a US company for using the port of Havana, for damages and in application of Title III of the Helms-Burton Act, according to the judgment which has been ruled by a court of Miami.

This resolution dates back to March 2022, when it was ruled that the use of the Terminal de Cruise ships from that port constituted trafficking in confiscated goodswhich are owned by Havana Docks Corp, a company registered in Delaware and which owns the facilities.

It should be noted that the port of Havana was confiscated in 1960 by the Government of Cuba, without the property having been restored. more than 70 years latera circumstance on which this judicial process is based, analogous to those also opened against Carnival, which already has a court ruling againstas well as Royal Caribbean and MSC.

In addition, Norwegian Cruise Line will also have to pay another 3.2 million euros for legal costs and lawyers’ fees corresponding to the case now sentenced. The Helms-Burton Act makes it possible for US citizens to sue for the use of seized Cyba property.

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