Neither a suspect nor clues in the savage murder of four university students in Idaho, USA

12 days have passed since the brutal murder in Idaho, USA. In the video that accompanies this information, you can see Kaylee and Madison, two of the young women brutally murdered. It is a few hours before the crime, they are calm and happy in a food stall, after having fun in a pub. The other two victims, Ethan and his girlfriend Xana, had attended a frat party. They all returned to the student residence around 2 in the morning.

In the daylight, a comrade discovered their corpses stabbed together. Family and friends are in shock. The case is still fully open. Police do not have a suspect, nor have they found the murder weapon.. “We keep looking for what we think is a fixed blade knife used in the murders,” explains Roger Lanier, a police captain.

Yes indeed, they have ruled out the colleagues as suspects who lived with them and the taxi driver who took them back home. “I pray and hope they find out because it’s ridiculous that they have absolutely nothing,” laments a neighbor.

The summary of the case provided by the local law enforcement on its website specifies that all the victims were stabbed several times, that some had defensive wounds and that there are no signs of sexual assault

Meanwhile, the tributes do not stop and the police already recognize that it will be a long investigation. The investigation involves the local Moscow Police, the Idaho State Police and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), with more than 100 assigned agents.

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