Neither Punta del Este, the South or the Coast: the “new vacations” where traveling is the destination

Defining where to go on vacation is a complicated task. If it is with friends, you have to coordinate dates and budgets; If it is with the family, you have to make sure that the place has activities for everyone and if it is with your partner, inventiveness is necessary so as not to fall into the boredom of the classic. For everyone who are or have been through a similar situation, there is an option to keep everyone happy: renting a motorhome.

This has been a trend for a long time. After the pandemic and isolation of 2020, remote work and the impulse to travel and see new places arrived; and those who had -or have- the capital, they adopted it as a way of life. They repaired or bought a motorhome, equipped it, approved it and got to work. Many of them spoke to THE NATION Some time ago for a note and on these vacations, after having contacted them again, they responded to the call from Peru, Córdoba or some part of the country.

But you don’t have to spend large sums of money or leave a lifetime to try this experience. There are companies that offer motorhomes for rent so that instead of choosing a vacation destination and coordinating lodging and activities, the tourist pack a bag and get ready for a trip full of experiences. The great advantage of this type of vacation is that there is no fixed destination and for the duration of the rental, travelers can move wherever they want -and the contract allows them-.

Forest Van has options from both Mercedes-Benz and Renault MasterKindness Forest Van

For example, Forest Van It is the small business of Nicolás Bruder and Alán Kritzer that this season became a full-time job. They offer the rental of some Fully equipped Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and Renault Master to travel to any part of the country (for now, they do not allow their clients to use their vehicles to go abroad) for values ​​ranging from US$95 and US$130 per day in high season and drop to US$90 to US$110 in low season.

Camperized with everything you need, they also have chargers and plugs for devices but not televisions
Camperized with everything you need, they also have chargers and plugs for devices but not televisionsKindness Forest Van

“It is an account that is made based on possible and potential expenses,” explained Nicolás in dialogue with THE NATION. Where appropriate, the withdrawal and return of the vehicles is carried out in the Buenos Aires neighborhoods of Saavedra or Villa Ortúzar, Therefore, these routes must be considered in the rental time, and the minimum to request is a fortnight. In low season, they explain, the minimum becomes of 7 days of rent.

In parallel is Norberto Giudice with Argencamper. In his case there is also the Mercedes-Benz model but a cheaper alternative is added when renting a Renault Kangoo equipped with a bed, stove and water tank. “It’s more than anything to go to a campsite and sleep there,” he explained to this medium. Hiring your service has an approximate cost of $60,000 per day although, as with Forest Van, varies depending on which model is ordered.

Argencamper rents Mercedes-Benz Sprinter in addition to Renault Kangoo equipped
Argencamper rents Mercedes-Benz Sprinter in addition to Renault Kangoo equippedKindness Argencamper

On the other hand, in this alternative the minimum rental is 3 days and there are delivery and return options both in Ezeiza, province of Buenos Aires, as a headquarters in Bariloche. “The transfer can also be coordinated to any part of Argentina if they want,” explained Norberto who also assured that, if authorization is requested 15 days before, they can leave the country with motorhomes.

The interior is equipped with bathroom, beds, hot water, kitchen and more
The interior is equipped with bathroom, beds, hot water, kitchen and moreKindness Argencamper

Whether they are the aforementioned ventures or any other, each company provides its clients with a rental certificate and a contract so that they can move with peace of mind as well as insurance that protects the vehicle in case of accidents. The only thing that the client needs to have on their own It is the B1 driver’s license.

The season has already started and although there are still some options, almost all the vehicles are rented. In the case of availability for January and February is almost sold out but you can make reservations for March onwards.

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