Netflix: ranking 7 series similar to Lady’s Gambit that you should see if you liked the series | Spoiler

2020 was not the best for large audiovisual productions, more specifically movies for cinemas that had to close because of the Coronavirus, that is why the series gained ground again and more in a year where the first prevention was to stay at home. There were many reviews of fictions, such as ‘Friends’ O ‘The Office’, but there was a new series that conquered the world: ‘Lady’s Gambit’.

This program was created by Alan Scott and starring Anya Taylor-Joy. It tells the story of the young Beth Harmon in the middle of the Cold War, during the 1950s in the State of Kentucky. She is an orphan with a prodigious aptitude for chess who battles her addictions while trying to become the best player in the world.

Became the most-watched miniseries in Netflix history when viewed by 62 million households in 28 days, but he also had other achievements: the novel ‘The Queen’s Gambit’ de Walter Tevis entered the bestseller list 37 years after its publication, searches for “How to play chess” reached a peak in nine years and chess game sales on eBay grew by 250%.

At the moment there is no news about a second season, and most likely there is no. Executive Director, William Horberg, said at the time that ended well and they are not sure they want to continue the story. That is why In Spoiler we bring you some titles similar to ‘Lady’s Gambit’ that you should see on Netflix. Look at the list!

+7 series you should watch on Netflix if you liked Lady’s Gambit:



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