New album from Iggy Pop: Old Wise Man – Culture

About Iggy Pop’s album “Every Loser”, a new Atlantis and an old masculinity that may or may not go down with the city.

Von Jakob Biazza

The road to becoming Johnny Cash takes Iggy Pop through “New Atlantis,” a “beautiful whore of a town,” as it says, somewhere south of Alabama and north of Cuba. Pop mumbles the coordinates, fed up with submarine baritone and like he’s chewing raw corn on the cob. Best Storyteller Craft, Campfire Habit. Guitars chirp underneath, a piano strums and the prostitute Atlantis, the narrator goes on to say, attracts “an endless stream of lovers” – Colombian drug dealers and murderers, American fraudsters and all sorts of other rabble. Reason: “Here a man can still be himself.”

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