New Blu-ray reviews: “The Incredible Journey in a Mad Plane (Remastered)” and “Halloween Ends” among others

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New Blu-ray reviews: “The Incredible Journey in a Mad Plane (Remastered)” and “Halloween Ends” among others

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Also in the new year we are happy to present you the latest Blu-ray reviews of the last week summarized on Wednesday of each week. In the first week of the year we start with a review of Michael Spier to the classic”The incredible journey in a crazy plane” which he saw in himself in the remastered version. In summary, he states here: “…The remastered new edition is definitely impressive and looks much more harmonious and pleasant than the previous releases on Blu-ray Disc. So if you have an old Blu-ray in your collection, you can confidently grab this upgrade. The DVD compared to this release, of course, is vastly superior. Only acoustically, the disc remains with a German Dolby Digital 2.0 monotrack, but it also sounds very pleasant and fresh. Another plus point is that additional bonus material is now also included. In short: A new acquisition should be for Fans have no question. The film itself is not just a comedy classic, it’s one of the best the Zucker/Abrahams/Zucker team has ever brought to the big screen. Non-stop gags, a great cast of stars and movie quotes throughout Abundance – there is no dry eye for fans of films such as “The Naked Gun” and “Kentucky Fried Movie”. recommend.”


Jörn Pomplitz however, dealt extensively with the title “Halloween Ends“, in the review of which he concludes: “…With his finale, director David Gordon Green ends one of the greatest horror film series of all time and thus divides the fan community: On the one hand, he breathed new life into the franchise with his trilogy, which is particularly due to his first two films. In the final part, however, you still have to be a little open to new things, as the first half of the film in particular plays with some unusual theories about the unspeakably evil in the form of Michael Myers, which you probably haven’t heard of as a fan of the franchise yet From a technical point of view, the ultra-high-resolution disc is completely convincing, even if it offers a little cause for criticism with a picture that has turned out slightly too dark and some blurring here from the full and can convince above all thanks to numerous deep bass attacks and very good dynamics.With the balanced bonus material ma n then extend his stay in Haddonfield a little before you have to say goodbye to Michael Myers completely – at least in the form in which the cinema world has known him so far. It remains to be seen whether this is really the end of the slasher icon, or whether it will be revived after a break – although this will be all the more difficult to stage after the ending shown here.”

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