New law will favor thousands of undocumented immigrants in California

A new and advantageous law was recently announced to favor undocumented immigrants residing in California. This was announced by the governor of that state, Gavin Newson.

It is a rule that will allow that population group to obtain an identification from that state, something that will benefit thousands of people.

What does it mean? For example, from now on it will be easy for street vendors to obtain health permits.

Similarly, students who until now have that immigration status will have faster access to state resources. Thus, they will have the possibility of paying for their careers in public universities.

The governor stressed that these same students will be able to receive, without bureaucratic obstacles, classes in English as a second language.

According to the authorities, all are advantages after the new regulation approved by the state of the North American west.

On the subject, Newson commented that California expands opportunities for everyone regardless of their immigration status. “We are a refugee state where 27% of us are immigrants. That is why I am proud to announce the approval of this new law that continues to support our immigrant community, ”concluded the governor in his official statement.

From now on they will also have access to legal help

As if the advantages of this new law were not enough, undocumented immigrants will now have the possibility of qualifying for legal aid. This, in civil cases that affect basic human needs.

The inclusive standard also aims to publish in both languages ​​to promote a better work environment for all its inhabitants.

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During the past month of August, the governor of California signed a law related, also, to immigrants. In that case, it was prohibited to reveal a person’s immigration status in court except with the authorization of a judge.

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