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and new rights regardingto their salaries. íctor corderotalk about these and other lawsthat offers more benefits andbetter protections forworkers.íctor: california has theequal pay lawsextricas del pís.since yesterday, the golden statethe minimum wage was raised and$50 per hour for all, withoutimport the size of thecompany they work some sectors like westhollywood minimum wage isfrom $16.50 wings.another law that benefits theemployee or employee fromof 2023 is that of peopleassigned in the right chest offamily.>> now one can take arest to take care offamily, but alsopeople who are equivalent tothe relatives andconsangineous, now qualifyanyone who isconsidered as familypolicy.another law that comes into effect is523, which covers thereproductive rights.>> is a protection classso that people can takeaccess to medicine, product andreproductive service for yourhealth, the employer cannotask questions about it.íctor: includes abortion andcontraceptive use, it istime until criminal, sinceprotects men and women.on the subject of layoffs there arelaws that do not alter their languageoriginal, sometimesThey protect companies.>> an employer or firing aemployed that same day withoutreason, with reasonan exception has been ifis a large employer, with 75employees or more in a have to be notified 60you went beforeíctor: among other newlabor laws for the 23, it ismandatory that companiesinclude salary and ranksalary in their offersemployment, also share thatinformation with employeesactive or aspiring to the position.the labor commissionercan be fined up to $10,000to companies that do not complywith the salary data, herelike the salary range.Who can issue fines?but they offer the data

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