New Levi’s collection inspired by the outdoor style and comfort of Northern California

As a California-based brand, the style of Levi’s® it is deeply entwined with the West Coast way of life. But “West” doesn’t always mean just beaches and sun. Mountains, forests, valleys and lakes are also an important part of the region. For this reason, and for all the people who enjoy outdoor style, we present the new Levi’s® Gold Tab™ collection.

The collection, which will be available this fall 2022, has a retro touch inspired by the Northern California lifestyle. A natural extension of the Levi’s® casual lifestyle, where nostalgia meets comfort, mixing trends from the 1970s and 1980s with a contemporary twist. Levi’s® Gold Tab™ takes a cool, relaxed approach to vintage clothing.

With a color palette that mixes earth tones and primary colors in a very retro way, the collection features basic garments such as hoodies, sweatshirts and t-shirts, as well as more sporty elements such as tank tops, joggers and leggings. Some technical pieces are also present, such as the new Anorak for men. Additionally, the collection includes a women’s bomber jacket in forest green, with Northern California-inspired graphics on the back.

Playing with those elements of outdoor life, the collection includes a plaid overshirt, as well as a range of prints that evoke some of the most iconic destinations in California and its nature. And finally, Levi’s® Gold Tab™ introduces a whole new line of relaxed French terry garments.

“We were inspired by the relaxed atmosphere of the West Coast to create Levi’s® Gold Tab™, with a comfortable and natural lifestyle. The casual style combines authentic Levi’s® DNA with a retro and nostalgic touch of the decades of the seventies and eighties. The idea is to enjoy nature, sport and comfort”.

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