New research findings: How to lose weight more easily

New research findings show that inflammation in the body is often to blame for being overweight. But they can be fought – with discipline and a little sweat.

The new life began with powerful kicks. In August 2018, Stephanie Lieb was standing in a sports room at the Erlangen University Hospital: green PVC floor, bright light, five ergometers with computer screens and measuring technology – and in one corner “the scales of horror”, as Lieb calls them. Twice a week she stood on it barefoot, received a light, imperceptible current impulse via electrodes and a precise calculation of the respective proportions of the fat and muscle cells. She had way too many of some, too few of others. Stephanie Lieb is 46 years old, blond hair, black glasses, a smile on her face. “I was really not doing well at the time,” she says.

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