New stadium | Safe bias | “In Milan they don’t want it”

New stadium, Biasin sure: “They don’t want it in Milan” | News (On Thursday 12 January 2023) Fabrizio Biasina well-known journalist, expressed his thoughts on the creation of the New stadio of Milan and InterRead on planetmilan

Milan – Bennacer, official renewal: contract until 2027

PHOTOGALLERY Continue gallery %s Remaining photos Serie A San Siro, the possible scenarios on new stadio Pending the possible resolution of the Council which would give the formal ok to the new stadio of Milan and …

Newcastle in the hands of Dan Burn. The blown finger, the failed audition, the decisive goal: the story of a revenge

A cheer, however, that is not limited to observing one’s favorites at the stadio or on television. No,… There comes a new loan to Birmingham, then Fulham, up to Wigan where he will be the protagonist, in the …

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The people of Catania and the stadium: the numbers push Pelligra to invest

An interview given to Antenna Sicilia colleagues by the president of Catania Ross Pelligra revealed the willingness of the Australian entrepreneur to intervene on the “A.Mass …

Pokémon – A new video celebrates all 1008 creatures!

The pocket monsters have now exceeded a thousand species, the currently existing Pokémon are 1008 and a new video celebrates them all!

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