New update on Jameson Williams recovery: ‘He works hard’


Getty Jameson Williams celebrates big game with Alabama in 2022

As beat down as the Detroit Lions are, the team could be forgiven if they just wanted to push forward quickly and get a little further into the 2022 season.

While most teams worked their rookie pass catchers into the mix, the Lions had to wait with Jameson Williams. That’s fine given Williams is more important to the team’s future than the present, but the Lions must be excited to see what he could do for the team’s already explosive offense.

Luckily, while players are falling around him, Williams has stayed grounded and managed to make a very solid recovery. According to Antwaan Randle El, Williams is “coming along” and hinted he’s putting in the work in terms of weights and training to get ready.

Speaking to reporters on Wednesday, Sept. 28, Randle El told ESPN’s Eric Woodyard and others that the receiver continues to work hard to forge a comeback.

#Lions WR coach Antwaan Randle El says rookie Jameson Williams is entering rehab. “I wish it was yesterday,” he said, grinning. Randle El says he works hard in the weight room and workout room. “Oh, he can play,” he said. “He’s a guy you can move with. He is smart.”

– Eric Woodyard (@E_Woodyard) 28. September 2022

“Lions WRs coach Antwaan Randle El says rookie Jameson Williams is coming into rehab. “I wish it was yesterday,” he said with a smile. Randle El says he works hard in the weight room and workout room. “Oh, he can play,” he said. “He’s a guy you can move with. He’s smart,” Woodyard tweeted after listening to Randle El.

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Randle El likely captures the emotion of the entire Detroit fanbase with this response, all of whom are likely more than ready to see what Williams can do on offense given a chance.

For now, it still seems like the original target date of a November return for Williams remains in play. It will be important for the team to bring him back into play on offense as well.

Insights show Williams’ recovery on track

For Williams, this update has been status quo for a while in terms of his recovery roadmap. The wideout was spotted on the sidelines cheering and coaching his teammates during games

Williams was spotted running and making cuts on lawns indoors. Here’s a look at the work he posted from Barstool Detroit almost exactly a month ago:

Additionally, Williams is said to be on track for a return from general manager Brad Holmes. It still seems like his most likely return date is later in the season, maybe November.

The best news so far is that there have been no signs of setbacks for Williams. Things keep chugging on in the best possible way for the explosive wideout.

Lions are handling Williams’ recovery right

The Lions deserve credit for their intelligence with Williams after drafting him given the delicate nature of his recovery and his importance to the roster’s continued development.

Unless the team feels Williams is ready to come back, they shouldn’t rush him even as the season progresses. It’s no stretch to say that Williams is one of Detroit’s most important young players considering what he means on offense. Ensuring he is fully prepared is paramount for the Lions so Williams shouldn’t be pushed back even though it’s obvious the Lions need him badly.

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So far, Detroit’s offense has done well without Williams and is already showing up as a top-five group in the league. While his return could get them over the top, Williams has time to feel fully ready before coming back.

Williams’ long-term future with the team is more important than the 2022 season, so it’s good to see the team diligently approach his recovery no matter when he returns.

It continues to sound like he’s making some big wins.

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