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Speaking of winter bass fishing.

There are classic lures such as Metal Vibe, Vibration, Shad, Down Shot, and Smolaba, but this time we will introduce Blade Alabama, which has become a new standard in recent years!

Released by Jackal “raster blade“When”Sleek Mikey Alabama Custom“I’d like to introduce!

Luster Blade[Jackal]

Now on sale

“Blade Alabama Rig”, which has attracted attention as a new generation Alabama rig, attaches a blade to the arm of the Alabama rig without attaching a worm, etc., and attaches a worm or plug to the middle arm.

Fully compatible with such a blade Alabama rig “raster blade」!

Name Length Quantity Price (tax included)
LUSTER BLADE 185 185mm *Length per arm with blade 1 ¥4,400
LUSTER BLADE 115 115mm *Length per arm with blade 1 ¥3,850

The detailed page of Jackal’s official “Luster Blade” isClick here

Features of raster blade

One of the drawbacks of using Alabama rigs and Blade Alabama rigs is portability. If it’s a boat, you can just put it on the deck, but if it’s okappari, you’ll need a special box and it will put pressure on the back, but “raster blade” can be folded!

By turning and removing the screw cap, the rig can be folded, dramatically improving portability, which was a source of trouble with Alabama rigs.

Another nice point is that it comes with two screw caps!

The performance as a Mochiron and Alabama rig is also high, and by arranging larger blades as it goes to the outside of the arm, the flushing effect and the ability to agitate water are improved.

Size & color variations

raster blade” has a lineup of two sizes, the 185 supervised by Kyoya Fujita, and the 115, which is a relatively compact size and can be used with MH-H class tackles, and has a lineup of three common blade colors. I’m here.




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source:YouTube channel “JACKALLSTATION”

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Sleek Mikey Alabama Custom[Jackal]

Now on sale

“Sleek Mikey”, which is gaining popularity as an ingredient of Blade Alabama, is a special custom model of “Sleek Mikey Alabama Custom“is.

Name Length Weight Type Hook Price (tax included)
Sleek Mikey 90 ALABAMACUSTOM 90mm 11.1g Floating ST36MF#6 (belly) ST36MF#10 (rear) ¥2,860
Sleek Mikey 115 ALABAMACUSTOM 115mm 20g Floating ST36MF#4 (belly) ST36MF#6 (rear) ¥3,300

The detailed page of Jackal’s official “Sleek Mikey Alabama Custom” isClick here

Sleek Mikey Alabama Custom Features

Equipped with a special wire to suppress tangling of the rig, which is one of the troubles of Blade Alabama. By attaching a silicon tube, troubles are further reduced.

In addition, in order to bring the playful bite unique to Alabama rigs into hooking, it is a battle specification with a hook added to the rear eye.

Color variations

Available in 5 colors. The lineup is centered around natural colors.

Gold Flushing Oikawa

HL Japan Shad

sleek pearl magic

Dark Silhouette Oikawa

stealth smoke shad

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As mentioned above, the lure that matches the new winter standard blade Alabama “raster blade“When”Sleek Mikey Alabama Custom” was introduced! Try it for harsh winter bass fishing!


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