New York lawmakers approve salary hike to $142,000

The state legislators of NY they have approved this thursday increase their salaries by $32,000 to go on to earn $142,000 a year, making them the highest-paid legislators in the nation. The measure was agreed “by majority”, according to a press spokesman for the assembly.

With this increase, your salary will be approximately twice the median household income in the United States and a little more than five times what legislators earn in neighboring Connecticut, according to The New York Times.

In total there are 150 state congressmen and 63 senators who will benefit from the measure.

Until now, thanks to a raise they received in 2018, New York lawmakers ranked second in the nation in base salary, an annual salary of $110,000 a year. They were second only to California, which provides an annual salary of $119,702according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.

With the salary increase, the 213 legislators based in Albany (in the north of the state) would have highest base salary in the countrywith $142,000 a year.

The concession made by legislators to get that $32,000 increase is that they will agree to put a $35,000 cap on so-called bonus income. However, this regulation of extra payments will come into force in 2025, while the salary increase will begin to apply on January 1.

The reason that the legislators allege to raise the salary is prevent possible corruptions.

For the measure to take effect, Governor Kathy Hochul will have to sign the bill and, although she has not spoken explicitly on the issue so far, the leaders who control both houses of the Legislature they are democrats like herso it would be surprising if he opposed it.

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