New Zealand bans naming children Messiah, Padre, Saint and King

According to the authorities, such names can harm their owners.

January 12th. PRAVMIR. The New Zealand Home Office has published a list of names that the authorities refused to register in 2022, informs local edition.

“There are rules in place to ensure names don’t offend their bearer, are of reasonable length, and don’t represent an official title or rank,” says Jeff Montgomery, head of Birth, Death and Marriage Registry.

Names that do not meet the listed criteria may be reviewed separately by the Registrar General. In this case, parents must justify the choice of an unusual name for their child.

Important criteria: the name should not contain numbers or punctuation marks, its length should not exceed 70 letters, it should not contain curses or insult anyone, it is also forbidden to name children with words denoting official titles.

Based on these criteria, such names as King, Messiah, Princess, Saint, Duke, Empress, Padre, Robber and others were rejected.

“Xenophon, do not offend Simone!” How many unusual names does the teacher need to remember

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Do you think that such names should also be banned in Russia?

Yes, there are many other more traditional names.

No, parents have the right to call their child any name

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