Newborn in DC has 51,400 times more viral load than Covid patients – Noticias Ya

(NOTICIAS YA) .- Specialists and doctors in Washington, District of Columbia, are surprised by the case of a baby who presents a viral load amount never before presented in a case of Covid-19 in our region.

The newborn baby is hospitalized at the National Children’s Hospital and according to the Washington Post, doctors are not only confused but also alarmed.

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Specialists maintain all the biosecurity regulations on the baby due to the high possibility that the minor may have of infecting more people.

The Post published that the doctors by tracking the Coronavirus that had infected the child, they found a new variant of the virus.

Roberta DeBiasi, the hospital’s chief of infectious diseases, told the Post that “It could be a complete coincidence, but the association is quite strong. If you see a patient who has exponentially more virus and is a completely different variant, it is probably related.”

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Alan Beggs, a genomics expert at Boston Children’s Hospital told The Washington Post that “for now, there is no evidence that this or any other variant of the coronavirus actually makes children sick or causes more severe symptoms.”

Specialists added that high viral loads are typical in newborns due to some peculiarity of their underdeveloped immune system, however this is higher than all those presented.

At the National Children’s Hospital, around 2,000 children have been treated since the pandemic began.

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In Washington, District of Columbia, 39,943 cases of Covid-19 are currently reported, however in the region the cases are already around one million positive cases.

It is worth mentioning that children from the Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia region are sent to the National Children’s Hospital.


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