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Various sources contain a lot of information about the content, training, home education of dogs, but practically nothing is said about walks. But a walk is an important part of raising and establishing contact with a pet.

It is during walks that the bond between the owner and the dog is strengthened, the true love of a four-legged friend for a person is manifested.

What does a dog’s behavior say when walking?

In the house, the dog can be the most obedient, attentive and loving, but as soon as he goes out into the street, a demon takes over this good man.

The dog can tear off the leash, partially or completely ignore the owner, bark, rush at people and other dogs.

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It is scary to let such a dog off the leash, and the walk turns into an ordeal. The connection with a person, which is characteristic of a devoted four-legged friend, disappears.

But there is another picture. A man and a dog have fun together, a dog can be released even in the city without worrying that it will jump out onto the roadway, run away or bite someone. The pet comes to the call, keeps close to the owner, plays with the person with pleasure, does not run away to other dogs.

If you want your life to resemble the second picture, and not the first, then you will have to pay attention to your pet from the first days of his appearance in the house.

How to walk your dog correctly

Walking is an important part of education. It is at this time that the connection with the owner is strengthened. The most common mistake is that a person simply goes out, serves the prescribed time for walking and takes the pet home. In this case, the owner for the dog is not of interest. The animal is occupied by people, other animals, cars, grass. Even sticks and autumn leaves are more interesting than the owner. So the puppy is fixed the wrong behavior. He learns to ignore the owner.

To prevent this from happening, dedicate a walk to the dog. Talk more, learn useful commands (“Stop”, “Forward”, “Back”, “No”) in the process of movement.

Play games while walking. Play is the best way to connect with an animal. Teach your dog to catch a puller, bring a ball, search for it by smell.

When walking in a park or forest, hide behind trees so that the dog, distracted, loses you. This will teach the pet two things. Firstly, constantly monitor your movements, and secondly, look for you on the trail.

Change routes, do something new (for example, suddenly go on a run), turn off your usual path.

All these manipulations teach the dog to follow the owner, to focus on him, and not on other people, dogs and cats. And where there is attention, there is love. After all, the love of a dog can be strengthened by becoming interesting for him.

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